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 Can you feel the silent mutiny ?

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PostSubject: Re: Can you feel the silent mutiny ?   Thu Oct 23, 2008 4:45 am

abasketclayse wrote:
Jane, you sure write right from the ht late at night!! chee

Thank you Basket that is very kind of you.

But we all know it's true, without Morgan there would be no us as we know it.

There is always the chance that maybe a few of us here may have joined the same Forum some place else, but this group as a whole wouldn't have all been in one place without Morgan.

She somehow brought this great group of people together.......I don't know how she managed to chose so many really wonderful people, but she did.

Right now she is being way too hard on herself. I think she is feeling as she is because she is a little upset at the moment.

For those of us that are happy here, and feel that things are working themselves out we need to let her know. She needs to know
that we want this community as part of our lives, especially because the people here are as much of a part of our lives as Clay is.....

Maybe there isn't as much Clay chatter as many would like
at the
. But that's ok, let things play out. It will pick up in time. He will have more tours, and other stuff going on in the future that everyone will want to know about and discuss.

I love that Morgan has added some new Forums. There may be some that aren't ready to discuss Clay stuff right now, but they still want to maintain a connection to the community and their friends here. By adding other area's to discuss other topics it is allowing them the option to come here and keep their friendships going......

The one's that want to discuss and understand Clay and be close to
Clay once again and maybe still a have some questions, they also have a place to do that.

The people that aren't ready to discuss Clay and are ok with everything can chose to post on a lighthearted Forum about Fun Shows on T-V at the moment, or other topics.

The main thing is that Morgan has created a way for all of us to stay in touch and connect with each other all in the same place. We don't have to go anywhere else and be with strangers, we can stay right here where we all know each other and respect each other.

She is one smart lady to have come up with a way for everyone to stay here.Well, once again it's super late and I better head off to bed......
Love to all.
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PostSubject: Re: Can you feel the silent mutiny ?   Thu Oct 23, 2008 5:36 am

Hello my friends....

I'm not one to speak without thinking. I need to mull things over before I respond. That's why I've been silent on this issue until now.

The interchange between Morgan and Cincy hurt me to read, because in it, I read lines being crossed that couldn't be uncrossed. I knew Cincy would be leaving. It was inevitable.

That makes me sad, but I have to say this. Cincy, I love you, but I think you did the right thing. You said what you had to say, but I don't think it would have been right to stay here at Morgan's board afterwards. I don't know if Cincy will see this or not, but I hope she does.

And this is Morgan's board. My own feelings about Clay have changed, and I'm still working on that; my feelings about all of you have not. I care deeply about you, and this is the only board I post on anymore. I'll occasionally post on the CDBs, but this is my home now.

Morgan isn't perfect; we all make mistakes. But Morgan, I love the way you love. You love with your whole heart and soul and back, too! That kind of love makes a person vulnerable, but to quote Garth Brooks..."I can't abide standing outside the fire." You jump right in and burn, and that's something I really admire, probably because I'm the same damn way. Sometimes we burn gloriously; other times we're just crispy critters. That's okay. I like how I am, and I like how you are.

I like how Cincy is. Perhaps in time some bridges can be rebuilt, and she'll come back. I hope so.

All I know is I'm not going anywhere.

Hugs to you all, my friends. I really mean this when I say "I LOVE YOU!"
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Can you feel the silent mutiny ?
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