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 Did you know paying taxes is voluntary????

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PostSubject: Did you know paying taxes is voluntary????   Fri Feb 20, 2009 10:48 am

Yeppers according to Harry Reid. What a freakin dumbass. Voluntary. No one comes to me and asks me if i want to pay these taxes. They are taken directly out of my check. As a matter of fact before you start working you have to fill out a paper for deductions and then they tax you on that. What is that man smokin and he is the head of the Senate. He says people don't go to jail for not paying taxes. Oh yes they do, maybe not all the time but a penalty is assessed and they have to be paid of course unless you are a politician it seems. He says you can't cheat on taxes (smirk), really Reid is that why Obama can't find enough people to fill cabinet seats etc because of tax issues. They freakin cheated and are free to do as they please while the rest of us smucks pay our taxes. OMG i can't believe this man was serious. Shouldn't be throwin to many stones at Palin or even Bush when you have someone this stupid saying this crap.

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PostSubject: Re: Did you know paying taxes is voluntary????   Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:48 am


I'd like to see what happens if you voluntarily decided to stop paying taxes!

When I first went on disability, I got penalized because I wasn't having taxes taken out of my monthly payments and had to pay fines two years in a row simply because of that, even though I was still paying my taxes when filing yearly.

So, try not paying taxes and you will wind up in jail. Oh yeah....unless you're a government official, it seems.....
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Did you know paying taxes is voluntary????
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