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 Showbiz Tonight - "The New Camelot"

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PostSubject: Showbiz Tonight - "The New Camelot"   Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:18 pm

I don't like that Showbiz Tonight are calling the Obama's the
"21st Century Kennedy's" and the "New Camelot" and this is the
"New Camelot Era" I have heard that comparison before someplace else.

The Obama's are not the Kennedy's and it's not a continuation of the Camelot era.

I know I didn't vote for him, but this family needs to be allowed to create their own legacy. They certainly don't act like the Kennedy's as a couple, and I will say no more on that. Except that as many of you have noted, they are a very loving couple towards each other.
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Showbiz Tonight - "The New Camelot"
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