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 Predictions for 2010 ?

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Morgan Rowan

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PostSubject: Predictions for 2010 ?   Thu Nov 06, 2008 8:15 pm

Anyone want to predict two years from now ?

I say we see major troop reductions or most probably total end to the war by then.

I think the fears about taxes will not come to pass. I doubt much of any new programs will be in effect but hopefully a few older ones will be fortified. There will be some form of increased taxes but only minor ones and some restructuring of what can be written off of income taxes. I predict we will see some health care costs allowed as deductibles.

We will get another across the board tax rebate check but less than the last one.

Obama will place Colin Powell somewhere in his cabinet as well as Warren Buffett or at least extend an offer to them.

The economy will continue to struggle but will take a slight upward turn.

Failed mortgages will be allowed to fail. I don't think Obama will truly save homes of people who made bad credit and buying decisions. That's just not good economics but it sounds real good in a campaign. I'm sure he'd like to but when faced with it - he won't.

Oprah Winfrey's star will shine even brighter and she will enter politics soon.

Sarah Palin will show up on television as an occasional talking head and will continue to prove she kicks butt in Alaska ( but I dont expect her to be a true contender in 4 years for the white house. She will however try. )

John McCain will divorce and marry a very young actress hopeful.

Barack Obama will run a tight ship and stand tough when we least expect it keeping our country safe but by doing so he will be alienating some foreign governments in its wake.

Oh and even 5th graders won't be able to name the current vice-president of the United States. He'll disappear to VP land and stay out of the spotlight . . . unless of course he goes hunting.


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Predictions for 2010 ?
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